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Geocoir Organic Geotextile for Erosion Control


The coir geotextile is a strong and durable coir fiber mesh. The open weave design allows for planting of seeds and vegetation, either before or after the mat has been installed, offering strong support to vegetation.

The semi-permanent design, allows the coir geotextile erosion control mat to have a lifespan of approximately four to six years. During this time, the soil itself is gaining in shear strength either by increased densification and/or by consolidation. After this time, the mat will slowly biodegrade, enriching the soil in the area, providing a natural erosion control disposal process.

Coir geotextiles can be installed even on very steep slopes, up to approx.700, while in combination with metallic netting it can be installed even on vertical slopes.

Structural characteristics Coir 1000 Unit
Yarn Fiber Spun, Twisted Coir
Fabric Weight (g/m2) 1.000
Color Natural (Brown)
Open Area (%) 50 - 60 %
Durability 4 - 6 yr
Mechanical characteristics Coir 1000 Unit
Tensile strength (Length-Dry) 35,0 KN/M
Elongation at break - (Dry) 34,00 %
Roll format Coir 1000 Unit
Fabric Width 2000 mm
Length 50 m rolls or longer lengths in rolls as required



  1. Provides surface stability to steep slope cuttings with angles up to approx. 700 without mesh support and up to vertical with metallic mesh support.
  2. Superior sediment control.
  3. Reinforcement of rural unpaved roads, railways and storage areas.
  4. Filtration in road drains.
  5. Waste protections and greening forestry revegetation.
  6. Roof top greening and landscaping.
  7. Protection of wetland environment.
  8. Sound barrier.