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Metallic Mesh Rock Slope Protection


The addressing of rockfall and surface instability problems with ISOFIX system is achieved with the installation of wipe rope nets on the slopes, with 6mm wire rope diameter and in rhomboidal mesh, minimum mesh dimension 200×200 mm, resistance 145 kN/M, anchored according to the geological and geotechnical characteristics of the site and strengthened by cables.

Structural characteristics Mesh Unit
Type Double torsion- Hexagonal
Size 80X100 mm
Weight 1,40-1,75 kg/m2
Wire Diameter 2,7-3,0 mm
Technical characteristics Mesh Unit
Breaking load 380-550 MPa
Tensile Strength ≥ 51 kN/m
Corrosion protection Zinc or Zinc + Aluminum (5%)
Roll format Mesh Unit
Width 2,0 – 3,0 m
Length 20,0 - 30,0 m



  1. Control rock fall on actively eroding slopes.