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Slope Erosion Protection With Geotextiles And Geogrids


The geotextiles:

  • absorb the kinetic energy of the erosive elements (rain, wind) and stabilize the soil surface, creating over this numerous micro-dams,
  • keep the seeds and hydroseeding materials in place, even at steep slope soils, resulting in the successful germination of seeds
  • help the penetration of water into the soil and retain moisture, favouring thus the sprouting of the seeds, the rooting and good growth of grass.

The lifetime of organic geotextiles varies depending on the type of geogrid from 2 to 5 years. Over time these organic geotextiles biodegrade by adding nutrients to the soil.
In order to restrain very loose soil and support the slopes geosynthetic mesh is used to stabilize the surface layer of soil. Before or after the grids are laid and attached to the surface of the slope, hydroseeding is applied.