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Slope Protection With Wire Mesh

Rockfalls are common geological phenomena with natural or anthropogenic causes and occur unpredictably because of the great diversity of factors affecting them. Especially on major roads or railways and where the planning includes the passage between rocky cut slopes, the risk of rock falls is high.


Passive slope protection wire mesh:  The wire mesh is anchored only at the top and bottom and used in order to contain falling rocks between mesh and slope and guide them safely to the bottom of the slope. The wire mesh at the top and bottom is refolded for overlapping the logitudinal upper and lower wire rope.

Active slope protection wire mesh: The wire mesh is stretched on the slope by upper, lower, middle, lateral and center panel anchorages with distribution plates on regular patterns, which are connected with cables forming  a containment mesh. The metallic mesh provides consolidation, enhancing the overall stability of the slope and opposes the movements of the single stony elements.