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Geojute Organic Geotextile for Erosion Control


Open weave Geojute is used to cover up slopes protecting initially against erosion. Geojute yarns are thick with pronounced 3-D features and provide a series of mini barriers across the direction of overland flow, reducing the velocity of the runoff water. The openings of Geojute retain dislodged by soil particles that are set to be carried away by the overland flow.

Geojute„s excellent drapability, allows it to shape to follow the soil contours on which it is laid. It absorbs water up to nearly from 4 - 5 times its dry weight, storing the rain fall water and preventing detachment of soil. In wet condition its flexibility increases further due to absorption of water.

Once vegetation starts growing, the role of Geojute is taken over by it. Geojute has a C factor* of 0,005 and with a growth of dense vegetative cover it can protect 99.0 to 99.9% soil loss with a “C” factor of 0.01 to 0.01.

Structural characteristics Geojute 500 Unit
Yarn Fiber Woven jute, undyed and unbleached
Yarn Count, Warp 6.5 threads/100mm (approx.)
Yarn Count, Weft 4.5 threads/100mm (approx.)
Color Natural (Brown, Earth Tone)
Fabric Weight 500 gr/m2
Open Area 60 -65 %
Durability 1-Φεβ yr
Mechanical characteristics Geojute 500 Unit
Thread tensile strength - warp 750 daN/M
Thread tensile strength - weft 450 daN/M
Open Area (%) 60 - 65 %
Absorption of water 485 % of dry weight
"C" Factor * 1.5:1 slope (without vegetation) 0,005
Roll format Geojute 500 Unit
Fabric Width 1220 mm
Length m rolls or longer lengths in rolls and bales as required

* C Factor = Soil Loss of protected surface divided by Soil Loss of unprotected surface



- Provides surface stability to steep slopes with angle up to approx. 450 without mesh support and up to 600 with metallic mesh support.
- Slows water runoff and provides excellent silt collection to water course embankments which aids natural vegetation and long term embankment regeneration.
- Simple to install and allows for planting through the mesh matrix.
- Provides shade and protection from the sun and drying effect of the winds to assist the establishment of grasses and to reinforce the root system until it has reached full bio-mass.
- Is no toxic, no pollutant.