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Hydroseeding is a specialized slope re-vegetation method, used to stabilize bare soil surfaces and to prevent soil erosion. The cellulose binder mulch, together with the grass seeds, fertilizer, glue and water are mixed inside the tank of the hydroseeder to form a consistent and homogeneous slurry and then hydraulically sprayed to the ground.

The success of the method of hydroseeding can be attributed to the fact that it artificially speeds up the stabilization process in one season by reproducing most closely conditions, which are to be found on natural slopes. The liquid mixture includes all the constituents for vegetation establishment and growth.

When sprayed, the cellulose fiber mulch together with the fertilizer and the grass seed will act as an absorbent mat, holding enough moisture to allow proper germination of the grass seeds and at the same time form a firm blanket cover to the soil surface even before the grass seeds germinates to prevent soil erosion. The cellulose fiber mulch, which is biodegradable and in time will revert back to organic matter, enhances vigorous establishment of the grass ground cover.

Hydroseeding mixture
Grass seeds Grass seeds according to climate and soil See table below conditions
Fertilizer Supplies the vegetation with nutrients NPK with elements (e.g. 15-15-15)
Glue Organic derivative vegetative gum material Moisture content 8% ph 7, Viscosity 3500 CPS
Mulch Creates a microclimate that accelerates and promotes a uniform cover of vegetation Mulch fibers germination ph 6,5
Commonly used seeds
Graminaceous Legumes
Festuca rubra Trifollium repens
Festuca ovina Trifollium pratense
Festuca arundinacea Lotus corniculatus
Lolium perrene Medicago sativa
Poa pratensis Phacelia tanacetifolia
Dactylis glomerata Melilotus officcinalis
Agrostis stolonifera Onobrychis sativa
Agropyron cristatum



  • Immediate protection from erosion.
  • Re-vegetation of infertile soils.
  • Creation of a healthy ecological system within few months.
  • Formation of soil structure which can sustain permanent vegetation.
  • Dense and uniform soil cover.
  • Low cost.