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HV Geogrid 3D Mat for Erosion Control


HV Geogrid is a flexible three-dimensional geocomposite mat made of three jointed nets with a volumetric configuration.
HV Geogrid is a reinforcement grid of high tensile strength and low defromation.

The open and volumetric structure of HV Geogrid allows to retain soil layers on slopes, offering an increasement of the friction angle between the cover soil and the rest of geosynthetics (geomembrane, drainage geocomposite or bentonite clay linner). In addition, the high tensile strength and low creep of HV Geogrid assures a long term reinforcement of the slope.

Structural characteristics HV Geogrids Units
Unreinforced Reinforced
Polymer PP + HPDE PP + HPDE + PET
Color Black, brown or green Black, brown or green
Net configuration 3-dimensional grid 3-dimensional grid reinforced
Weight 320 480 580 g
Product thickness 20-25 20-25 20-25 mm
Number of Undulations 22 22 22 n
Undulation Mesh Size 10x10 10 x10 10 x10 mm
Technical characteristics HV Geogrids Units
Peak tensile strength MD* 3 35 80 kN/m
Peak tensile strength CD* - 20 30 kN/m
Elongation at break MD* - <12 <12
Elongation at break CD* - <12 <12
Roll format HV Geogrids Units
Width 2 2 m
Length 25 24 m

MD: machine direction (longitudinal) CD: cross direction (transversal)



  1. Erosion control of slopes of high inclination and length.
  2. Protection of border edges.
  3. Landfills capping.
  4. Vegetation over a geomembrane in waterpounds.